Sunderland Cycling Maps


Sunderland City Council produce several different maps of the cycling routes in and around the city. The main map is currently awaiting a reprint though and it’s pretty hard to get hold of paper copies. You CAN however download the map from Sunderland’s website – there’s a separate file for the North map (Sunderland city centre, and across to Washington)  and the South half of the map (Sunderland South, Houghton & Hetton).

BUT… both those files are really designed for printing as a big fold-up map, and most of us don’t have a printer that can handle paper that big. So we’ve been in touch with Sustrans’ Four Point Mapping, the people who produced the original map, to put it into a more manageable format. This breaks the map down into six sheets, which you can then print at A3 on the office printer (we won’t tell if you won’t), or a still-readable A4 on your home printer.

Just click the tile you want in the below image:



And here’s the key for the map:

Map Key


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